Real Property

The Dalles, Oregon Real Estate Law Attorneys

For over 100 years, our real estate attorneys have handled all types of transactional matters contiguous with residential and commercial real estate in Oregon, including Wasco, Hood River, Sherman and Gilliam counties, and litigating any disputes that arise.

Real Estate Transactions:

We will quickly and affordably secure the agreement that you anticipate. Our goal for our your real estate issues is to efficiently memorialize your transaction, spot any approaching complications and deal with them before they become a problem. To keep your transaction moving efficiently forward. Closing the contract on your terms is our mission.

Real Estate Litigation:

If you are confronted with a real estate dispute: whether it’s a transaction that breaks down, or a dispute between neighbors or tenants, whether it’s a residential or commercial dispute, we will quickly evaluate the situation and fight you, your property and ensure your contract rights are protected.

Residential Real Estate:

More and more private individuals are conducting real estate sales without the help of a licensed broker, so in “For Sale By Owner” transactions quality legal counsel is particularly important. Our firm ensures that your documents follow all legal principles guiding the sale and the transaction is concluded with your best interests at heart.

Developers and Investors:

If you buy, sell, or develop real estate, Dick, Dick & Corey, LLP is your turnkey solution for commercial and residential real estate matters. Our team of experienced lawyers, aids developers, investors, brokers, property managers, contractors, and property owners in the structuring and documenting of all categories of real estate transactions.

Commercial Real Estate:

The organizational structure of a real estate business deal can dramatically affect taxation and personal liability. Our attorneys will aid you in choosing the best form of organization for your specific project: corporation, limited partnership, business trust, joint venture, limited liability company, or limited liability partnership. Our goal is to minimize personal risk and tax consequences while maintaining a flexible operating situation.

Strategic Default:

Our real estate attorneys will counsel you on the latest legal procedures and rulings on a strategic defaults. Including when and if a strategic default is appropriate, the process of strategic default and how strategic default affects you in the long term. Because strategic defaults involve a very complex area of law, it is always a good idea to seek professional advice from a strategic default real estate attorney before deciding whether you should voluntarily default on your home loan.